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Creek Avenue Auction Links & Favorite Links

Below you will find links for all the wonderful sites where Creek Avenue posts auctions. Just click on the banner and you'll be taken to the page of items that I have listed at that site. You will also find some other links to sites that are some favorites of mine.
Enjoy yourself. Goddess Bless )0(

~To see more wonderful graphics like the one above and used elsewhere on this site, click the Goddess picture to be taken to the Magickal Moon website~This lady has the most awesome web art & graphics. As you can see I've used a lot of them on this site *grin* She even designs websites~how cool is that?

Some Favorite Sites Of Friends & Pagan Information

STREGA'S LAIR Okay, yes, this is a favorite link of mine because it's my store *wicked grin*
I have priced EVERY item in the store BELOW retail. How's that for a deal?

THE WITCHS' VOICE This is a great site for Pagan's & Witch's alike. There are so many great things on this site. Check it out~you won't be sorry ;-}

FELLOWSHIP OF THE EARTH A site dedicated to fighting religious intolerance and promoting kinship and respect for all. There are many wonderful things on this site, so stop in when you have the time.

PAGAN PATH.COM A really neat site for Pagans. Serves up information from gardening to moon phases and free e-mail accounts thru their Pagan Post Office.
Pagan Resources - Pagan related news, books and web resources.

My Auction Sites Links