Past Progressive Photos
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Pictures of Past Progressive Auctions
Below are pictures of some of my past Progressive Auctions and information about each of them. These auctions were posted on various auction sites. The pictures will take some time to load, please be patient. Blessings, Brenda

Silver Roses Tin
Triple Moon Altar Tray Progressive
Just a few of the items that I had with my Triple Moon Altar Tray. The picture of the tray can be found on the Creek Avenue Creations page.
Living Wicca
Fill The House Up

This was, to date, my favorite progressive. I had so much fun with it. This was the idea....everyone would bid to fill the rooms of the house up. I posted pictures along the way so that everyone could see how full the house was getting. This picture was the last one taken and, as you can see, the house was stuffed!
A Witches Dream

Everything Witchy Basket
My very first Progressive auction posted on Yahoo. Truly a terrible picture~I'm amazed that it sold as well as it did *grin* I'm happy to say that my picture taking skills have improved immensely.